Schedule & Pricing

Classes must be 50% full in order to open the chosen schedule. Your deposit will hold your spot on the waiting list.  As soon as the class is 1/2 full you will be called to start.  You have the option of joining another schedule until your schedule is available.

13 Hour Daily Schedule


Billed weekly

7:00 am to 8 pm

10 Hour Daily Schedule


Billed weekly

Two Choices
7:00 am to 5:00 pm
2:00 pm to 12 Midnight

7 Hour Daily Schedule


Billed weekly

Day or NIght
7 am to 2
8 am to 3
9am to 4
2 pm to 9

Drop In

$100/Day upon availability

Paid at drop-off

Two Choices
7:00 am to 8 pm
11 am to Midnight


Pick Your Schedule

You must choose one schedule and can't swap unless your work schedule changes every quarter.  If you need a night out in addition to the regular schedule, you will be charged an additional daily drop in fee per child.

You can check in up to two hours after your start time but you will not be able to go beyond your check-out time without paying a late $25 PLUS $1/MINUTE 




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Our Academy uses the Learning Beyond Paper® as it is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that promotes exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills and is used alongside the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards to support the whole child.

Continuity of Care

 No doubt who will be teaching your child

Low Child/Staff Ratio

 Lower due to Covid

Parent Choice Open Communication plus ProCare Management App


Home-cooked from Scratch Meals


Home-made  baby foods


 Weekly Spanish/Sign Language/Drum Therapy/
Art Classes


Year-Round School Garden


On-Site Potty Training Assistance

Diapers provided for birth through 35 months

Deposit covers year-round outdoor gear which includes hats, coats, rainboots, and  playclothes.

Never worry about your child messing up their clothes and shoes.

Air cleaners in every room, hospital grade air cleaner on site.

Windows provide extra ventilation in the rooms.

Yes, Children do learn from Play

Child Directed Center Choices!
What career Could this lead them too?

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Block Center



Science Center



Art Center



Math center



Fine Motor Center



Dramatic Play



Music Center



Reading Center



We Love Referrals!

For peace of mind, there is no such thing as too much travel time.
Peace of mind is worth the drive!

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