We are a small Academy specializing in low ratio and even lower turn-over. 
Our size requires strict limits on the number of families we can serve. We accept children from 6 weeks to 11 years old or 5th grade.   

We help young children build strong relationships with teachers, each other and nature so that they gain the benefits of deep relationships without compromising high quality, child centered learning.


 To deliver safe and secure childcare at all times.  We provide close and personal attention to each child providing a quality experience for the child and the parent.  We will not sacrifice adequate personnel and will engage with children.


 To be the premier childcare facility by providing exceptional education and partnering with parents searching for elite childcare with a unique blend of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing natural environment. We teach children how to think and solve problems.


 All children deserve a chance to shine. Every child will be treated as individuals and loved.  


To provide our community with a good work environment and support the education of my workers; provide parents with safe extended care that they are comfortable with when they need it; and to provide fresh food for the children and develop their tastes for fruits and vegetables.

Awards and Programs

 Multiple Ratings of 3 Star Quality Rated
3 Times Accredited
Shape Award Recipient
Health M Powers Graduate
Strengthening Families Program
Farm to ECE practice
Captain Planet Garden Grant Recipient 

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