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Top Parent Concerns:

I don't go to work therefore I don't need childcare.
This is not childcare.  This is child enrichment.  They need   educational structure no matter where they are and who is   taking care of them.  This is training by a licensed, Quality   Rated Provider with a degree in Early Childhood Education and
  many years of training and experience.

I can't affort to pay high weekly fees.
  This is offered at an unbelieveably low monthly rate.  You can log on all registered kids in one household for one fee.  This would also  be a great gift to request. There is no contract.  But after 3 months you are required to pay a new enrollment fee.

My child already has too much screen time.

   All screen time is not equal.  All engagement is not equal.

What about my privacy? Do I have to attend online?  Can I use the program without online participation?
  Backgrounds will be provided to use in zoom and you always have the option of turning off your camera.  Of course you can benefit from the recordings without signing in and participating.  You have 24 hour access to the recordings for 14 days.

My child already goes to daycare.
  This is a great supplement to current care.  Sometimes they are distracted by their environment or lack there of and miss out on fun learning activities.  Sometimes they are bored with the same old program.

Why is it only two days?
  The classes are recorded so you have access to them on the other days.  Children love to see themselves on camera so  they  will be eager to re-watch their class.  One main recording is done weekly without the students for complete
   undistracted lesson on that topic.  The other two days go deeper with the children and pulls out participation.  You have  the ability to have something educational 7 days a week, 24
   hours a day.

What ages are included in this program?
   Any child that will engage with a tv, computer, phone or tablet up to age 10?  

Will I ever get to transfer to on-site care?

This is possible, but due to Covid the availablity is very limited.  Your enrollment fee can serve as the enrollment fee for on-site if an opening occurs.  The cost of onsite care is currently $225/week.  

4 Class Choices

Monday & Wednesday 
12:30-1:00 or 1:30-2:00 EST

Tuesday & Thursday 
  12:30-1:00 or 1:30-2:00 EST

More class-time options coming!

at no extra charge
Last Friday
6:00 to 6:30 EST
 Full STEAM Ahead Family engagement steam activity
 Healthy Families Nutrition engagement activity
Online Field Trip
(Bonus and Main Recorded lesson is available to on-site students as well.)

All Slots Are the same Fee:
Satisfaction Guarantee No Contact Necessary!

Yearly Enrollment Fee $100
$200 monthly
No contract but after 3 months on not enrolling you are required to pay a new enrollment fee.

Bonus: Home Connection Supplies will be sent out upon enrollment.  Weekly lesson extensions will be emailed.

Other advantages:

*Streamlined paperwork

*No need for shot records unless you transfer on site.
The contact us form will provide most of the needed information.

*Can be accessed world- wide.  So please tell your friends
and family to allow their children to join your child's class.

*Comfort of being in your home, on vacation, doctor's office, restaurant or anywhere.

*Flexible payment options:
Zelle, Cash App, Paypal

Process:  A new Zoom and password link will be emailed to you at the beginning of the week for your weekly class.  Sign in at the assigned time.  Children will be placed in a waiting room where they will be admitted once they are marked present by household registration.   Remember to set your camera to off if you do not wish to be on camera.  The recording will be sent to you by the following morning.  It will be deleted after 7 days.